The Vanguard Academy Tuition & Policy Guidelines 2018-19

  • Student Information

  • Parent Information

  • A four digit number for clocking your child in and out of school for attendance purposes. EACH PARENT WILL HAVE SEPARATE CODES.
  • A four digit number for clocking your child in and out of school for attendance purposes. EACH PARENT WILL HAVE SEPARATE CODES.
  • Tuition Responsibilities 1. Registration fee is due at time of enrollment and is billed to you on an annual basis. 2. Tuition is due on the following schedule a. Weekly Families, Monday morning, late by Tuesday morning and then a $20 late fee will be assessed Wednesday morning and each week after until balance is ZERO b. Monthly Families, by the FIRST MONDAY of each month, late by Tuesday morning of that week of the month and a $20 late fee will be assessed for each week not at ZERO 3. Students in classes from Explorer to Pre-Kindergarten will be assessed an activity fee to cover the cost of special activities for the school year (see supply list for exact fee’s) Student’s in Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade classes will be assessed an activity fee for Math and Literacy, Spanish and Field Trips. Students in Dreamer and Discovery classes will be assessed a $20 activity for special activities. This will be an annual activity fee due August of each school year and NON-REFUNDABLE 4. No tuition reimbursements will be given for partial weeks attended. Full tuition is due unless an approved vacation time is given PRIOR to the scheduled vacation week. 5. A two week notice is required when leaving The Vanguard Academy. Tuition will be billed for those two week’s NO refund will be given for any tuition paid, if a notice has been given. 6. Rapid Tuition is available and encouraged. This is an ACH debit of your checking or savings account.
  • Tuition Rates 2017-18(Weekly Rates, Full Day)

    Dreamer $220(5 day), $162(3day), $110(2day)/ Discovery $220(5 day), $162(3 day), $110(2 day)/ Explorer $220(5 day), $162 (3 day), $110(2 day)/ Early Preschool $206 (5 day), $162(3 day), $110(2 day)/ Preschool $192(5 day), $162(3 day), $110(2 day)/ PreK $192(5 day)/ JK $194/ Kindergarten $194/ SUMMER CAMP ONLY PreK, JK, K 3day $162, 2 Day $110
  • Half Day Enrichment Program(Monthly rate)

    Early Preschool $400(5 Day), $300(3Day), $280(2Day)/ Preschool $400(5 Day), $300(3 Day), $280(2 Day)/ PreK $400(5 Day ONLY)
  • Activity Fees 2017-18(Annual rate due in August)

    Dreamer, Discovery $40/ Explorer $75/ Early Preschool $100/ Preschool $150/ Pre-K $200/ JK, Kindergarten, 1st grade $225 DUE AUGUST 1,2018
    Please check yes or no if you would like your Activity fee automatically withdrawn from your account. Please keep in mind in order to do this, you must already be on ACH. Otherwise, bring in a separate check for tuition.
  • Food Program Details

    Each day, you will have the choice of: Option 1: Full Program- cost of $3.60 per day, includes Lunch and Two Snacks Option 2: Enrichment Program Only (Half Day Program) $2.90-includes one Lunch and one Snack Option 3: Snack Only Program- 1.25 includes two snacks Option 4: Lunch Only Program-Lunch only 2.25 Option 5: Meals from Home-Bringing two snacks and a lunch from home *If you buy school lunch or bring your lunch MILK will be provided for every student ** Please note if you bring your own lunch, it will need to follow the Kentucky State Regulations listed below. Lunch shall include: (a) Milk; (b) Protein; (c) Bread; and two (2) vegetables or two (2) fruits; or one (1) fruit and one (1) vegetable. Snack shall include two (2) of the following: (a) Milk; (b) Protein; (c) Bread; or Fruit; or Vegetable; or 100 percent juice. All lunches brought in from home will be checked by Bluegrass Seasoned to verify compliancy. If lunch or Snack are not in compliance, you will be notified and a full charge of $3.60 will be charged to your account. EFFECTIVE MAY 28, 2018--Food Program Payments will be automated through your tuition payments. Please note with this plan: 1. You are only charged for lunch on the days you choose to purchase. If your child is out sick or is signed up for a vacation credit you will be credited for those lunches. PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER TO BE CREDITED FOR DAYS OUT/VACATION CREDITS YOU MUST SIGN IN THE BINDER ON THE FRONT COUNTER SO WE CAN UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT. 2. If your child will be coming in late to school, and you would like to purchase a lunch for that day, all you will need to do is send a note to the teachers, through Preschool2me, letting them know your child will be in late and if they will be purchasing a lunch. We do ask that all lunch orders are placed no later than 10:00am to insure your child is included in Bluegrass Seasoned lunch count.
    Please check off which program you are choosing for your child's meals based off information above regarding food program for the 2018-19 School year.
  • Policy Agreement

    Returned Check or Rapid Tuition Charges All returned checks, Credit Card or ACH debits will be assessed a $25 NSF charge School Hours: School opens at 7am, BUT all students, Dreamer-Preschool are required to be here by 8:45am to begin our school day. Please inform the office if the student will be arriving after 9:00am (doctor’s appointments, dentist, etc) for late arrivals not only disrupts the entire class but also minimizes the quantity and quality of your child’s academic education. Pre-K, JK, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd will start class at 8:30am Late Pick Up Charges/Tardiness to School A $2 per minute, per child late fee will be assessed starting after the start of school if habitually late and starting at 6:01pm This WILL BE ENFORCED. Vacation You will receive one week’s vacation in January each year for those students enrolled for the academic school year. The student must be out the entire week to get the credit. You are eligible for vacation credit after six months of school and tuition is at ZERO. This does NOT apply to Kindergarten or 1st and 2nd grade. Parent Handbook and School Calendar The Parent Handbook and School Calendar are located on our website: it is the parent’s responsibility to review the handbook and school calendar. Signing this agreement below will confirm you have read and understand both the Parent Handbook and school calendar. Immunization Records Immunization records are due upon your enrollment meeting that will be set up by the school office. This may be faxed to us at 326-8976. Each time immunizations are updated a copy must be submitted to the office. If your child’s immunization expires, we will notify you of the expiration, unfortunately, your child will not be able to return to school until a current immunization has been received by the office. Security Code All families will have a four digit security code for each parent selected by the family. This code is NOT to be given to anyone but the parents of the child. Anyone else picking up the student MUST come to the office with A valid driver’s license where we will make a copy of the license and compare that name to your authorized list on your registration. If someone is picking the student up who is NOT on your authorized list, YOU MUST put this in writing to us, prior to their arrival. You may drop this off in the office or fax us a letter to 326-8976. If you have given this code to anyone, we will change your code and notify you of the change. THIS IS FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL OF OUR STUDENTS. Reach Alert All school information will be distributed via the Reach Alert System. Upon registration you will be given a website and code to go to and register your family to be notified by text, email and by phone. This will be set up at your initial meeting with the school office before starting. The Vanguard Academy CAN NOT registers you for these alerts. School Arrival/ Departure: School BEGINS at 9:00am, for Dreamers- Preschool students need to be in their classes by this time. Pre-K through Second Grade school STARTS at 8:30am. The Vanguard Academy reserves the right to turn away students who habitually arrive late to school or a late fee may be assessed for being late COMING to school if it becomes a habit. This is disruptive to the class and attendance is done at 9:00am for lunch count. Departures and Late arrivals to school must be completed by the above start times and school closes at 6:00pm. A $2 per minute, per student late fee will be assessed to your account that you will be responsible to pay.
  • Authorizations:

  • I authorize The Vanguard Academy to publish and use our address, phone number and email for a school directory. Please notify the office in writing if you would not like this to be published.
  • I give permission for my child to go on walking field trips, parades, etc... I release The Vanguard Academy and individuals from liability in case of accident during activities related to The Vanguard Academy, as long as normal safety procedures have been taken. I give permission for The Vanguard Academy to photographs/videotape my child and use the resulting photographs/videotape for any lawful purposes including the use of marketing or publicity. I relinquish all rights, title and interest in the photographs, negatives and videotape. If you wish for your child not to be photographed, please give written notice to the office on our first day of school By signing this agreement you have read and understand all of the policies of The Vanguard Academy, including The Parent Handbook, as well as, have read the ACADEMIC calendar and know the days we are closed, release early and all of our special events for the year.